Birthday (extra)vaganza

For this weekend’s activities, my friend’s and I celebrated our beloved JK’s birthday! We like to call it a birthday extravaganza with an emphasis on the extra.

We had dinner at 10 Foot Henry after a night out at Bespoke. JK picked the restaurant so for some extra effect, we brought the gigantic “23” balloons to the restaurant as a surprise. We thought it was hilarious, the birthday girl was more so embarrassed but I’m pretty sure she loved it. Before going there, I’ve heard good things about the restaurant but mostly that they had sharing plates and a lot of vegetable dishes. Our server explained that to us when we got there too, so JK and I ended up picking the dishes we wanted to try.

For 4 people, we were recommended 5-6 dishes to share. For vegetable dishes, we picked: (Kale) Caesar Salad, Roasted Carrots, Roasted Potatoes and Gai Lan. We also got the Hanger Steak and the Buccatini for our main dishes.

Just like the reviews said, our favorites were hands down the vegetable dishes. The Caesar Salad was super creamy and cheesy, the carrots – delicious, and the potatoes were perfectly crisp and tasty.

As for the mains, the Hanger Steak came medium rare but was only average in taste. The Bucattini was also good but a little too dry for myself and had a lot of parmesan so it was very salty.

Overall, i really liked 10 Foot Henry and would love to go back there again. We also asked our server on how the restaurant got its name and it turned out to be an interesting story with a long Calgary-related history.

Sadly, at the end of the night we weren’t allowed to bring out the cake we got to surprise the birthday girl. We ended up surprising her with it at home though.


The cake was from Yann Haute Pattisserie and it was so good!



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