As Seen On Worth It

My boyfriend has this ongoing joke (with himself) that I only ever want to eat “downtown food” when picking out restaurants for us to go to. Which is so not true – err, at least much as I deny it. But to only further prove his point, he’s been wanting to take me to this pizza place he went to where he says the pizza is good, cheap, and you can get whatever you want on it.

We never went.

Until I saw said pizza place on BuzzFeed’s Youtube Series called Worth It. I’m obsessed. I’m also convinced that I am the perfect person to host the series and should be hired effective immediately. On their $5 Pizza Vs. $135 Pizza Episode, Blaze Pizza was featured as their lowest priced point restaurant – so of course I wanted to try it now (ha).

So on a random Saturday night, the boyfriend finally got to choose where to take me for dinner. Since Worth It is filmed in the States, the prices were around $7 more than the prices seen on the show (+ exchange rates, lame) – but it was still fairly cheap. I believe a custom pizza only cost around CAD $13 and you can get whatever you want on it!

I ended up getting one of their Signature Pizza’s called White Top. It had white cream sauce with mozzarella, applewood bacon, chopped garlic, oregano, and arugula. I also added ham and mushrooms on it as well.

It’s a thin crust pizza and what’s awesome is that they cook it in a fire oven. I didn’t realize that you could get more sauce on top, otherwise I would have gotten a drizzle of olive oil over it. Mine was a little on the dry side, but I also like my pizza really saucy.


The boyfriend got a white cream sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, olives, extra extra mushroom, onions, spinach, and chicken pizza with a drizzle of olive oil. The olives in his pizza really made it tasty.

Overall, Blaze Pizza was indeed Worth It! The price was super cheap for what you get and I didn’t even finish mine to be honest. I’m not so desperate to go back, but if you are around the area and want something cheap – it is definitely a place to keep in mind.



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