National Puppy Day!

Answers to: Rukia, Kia, Kiara, Kiwi
Age: 5 human years | Breed: Mini Poodle
Loves: Car rides, walks, snow/ice, blankets and staring out open windows
Hates: Fetch, hair dryers, vacuums and being disturbed while eating/ sleeping
Truly the most obedient and smartest poodle I know. Girl would never run out an open door and knows all her tricks (except fetch) from “spin” all the way to “roll over.”  Able to go off leash, wipe her paws after going outside, and gets offended when you call her “poop butt.” She thinks she’s a guard dog, but could be easily cuddled… only when she feels like it though. Likes to have her alone time before bed and hides under furniture until everyone’s asleep. Acts like she’s annoyed but is the first one to instigate play fights with her sister and ALWAYS lets her win. Also known for her diva attitude.

Answers to: Killie, Killa, Killa K, Kil, Killua
Age: 9 human months old | Breed: Yorkie X Shitzu Mix
Loves: Flip flops, hair ties, plants, my laundry basket and her bff Kia
Hates: Heights, socializing, car rides and going to the groomers
The smallest dog with the biggest personality. Has never stopped wagging her tail and hands down the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. Will be running at the door to greet you no matter what time of day you come home and will roll over automatically if she sees your hand moving towards her. Causes a mess and chews up every flip flop she can find CONSTANTLY, but makes everyone happy as heck. Loves her bestfriend Kia, follows her around literally everywhere and was born solely to annoy her. Has an endless supply of energy when she’s awake but won’t even move if you’re shaking her when she’s sleepy.

Happy National Puppy Day to all dog owners out there! No matter how old our dogs get, they’re still little baby pups to all of us. There’s really no describing how much joy and company these two bring to my family, and also to eachother (Kia hasn’t gotten sick once since she met Killie!). And quite honestly, waking up to these two little rascals scratching at my door has always been the worst/ best thing in the morning




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