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My Sushi Place: Sushi Toki

Everyone has their go-to sushi place and I finally got to visit mine after a long hiatus! I haven’t been here since I left for my exchange more than a year ago, and walking in to familiar faces who greeted me with smiles and long-time-no-see’s was awesome!

IMG_6295Sushi Toki is a family owned business tucked away in a little street mall on Memorial Drive. It’s a little spot that serves fresh sushi and their rolls are amazing! There are so many great menu items at Toki and I always have so much trouble giving in to my hungry eyes. I want to get everything. 

During this visit, the boyfriend and I opted for the Beef Tataki as our appetizer. I love their Tataki here because it’s so full of flavor and texture. If you aren’t a fan of just lightly seared beef, there are other appies that are just as great too… I’m also a big fan of their Calamari Salad and Takoyaki to list a couple.

After we finished our appetizer, we were served the most appetizing looking plate of rolls. We chose three different rolls: Lion Roll, Spider Roll and Body Roll. I also had to get my favorite, which for some reason only Sushi Toki seem to do so well, my double seared Salmon Sashimi with spicy mayo. Shahn likes to make fun of me for my requests, but I swear, double seared really does make a difference. Trust.


The Lion Roll is both of our favorites. It has creme cheese and crab meat topped with seared salmon and tempura crumbs. Their Spider Roll is also amazing, I already love soft shelled crab in the first place, but they topped this off with avocado, mayo and unagi sauce. It’s so creamy and delicious. Lastly. the Body Roll isn’t something I usually get but and I would describe it as a Dynamite Roll and California Roll combined. A little plain for me but it was good anyways!

Sadly, we didn’t have any room for dessert but I would suggest their Deep Fried Banana with Ice Cream! Sushi Toki still remains my #1 sushi spot in Calgary and not a lot of places have come close. The service and food makes this place a great place overall. I’m forever grateful that I came across their Instagram page once upon a time and that their photos matched the food they served in real life!



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