I apologize for not having posted in awhile, but life went from hectic to chill as can be so I’ve really just been enjoying it… and to update ya’ll with my super interesting and not boring at all life (I wish), here’s what’s new with me.

  1. First things first, I’m done the semester:
    Which means I’m done being a full time student and attending night classes forever. Although I technically still have one more class to finish for my undergrad this summer, I’m considering myself finished. I’m so happy to have completed 5 years worth of papers, group projects, presentations and tests. Finally!
  2. Year end banquet hosted by the MSS:
    To celebrate the last and also the busiest semester of my University career, I also want to highlight something I am proud of being a part of. Last Saturday, the first annual year end banquet finally took place after a whole semester of planning and needless to say it was a success. Not only did we reach our triple digit goal for ticket sales, but we surpassed it selling over 160 tickets! I’m so very proud with the MSS team because they worked so hard on the event. Although I wasn’t able to help out as much as I wanted to during the semester, it is something that I was glad to have joined and help out with because seeing it all come together was a pleasure.
  3. I found a job!:
    I’m extremely sad that leaving the food industry means leaving behind my all bacon diet but I’m also excited to be moving on! Most of all, it means leaving behind my worries about paying full price for my prescription medicine and other related grown up things. Although it’s not something completely related to my field of study, it’s with the industry of my dreams! Hint, hint: it’s going to feed the little travel bug of mine. So as cliche as it sounds, I just gotta keep working hard to see where this new chapter takes me!


    Last day with my Bro’Kin Fam for Ariane’s Bday!

    Aside from that, I’ve been keeping my promises to myself. I’ve started working out and taking it easy aka watching TV. I have yet to start cooking, but the TV I’ve been watching has consisted of a lot of Master Chef. It kinda counts, right? There’s also a ton of things I’m looking forward to coming up, so hopefully I can be back on track with my blog as well!



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