I’m not a relationship person and I am 100% being honest. I’ve been in a few relationships in the past; a couple sort-of-serious, most of them… not so much. Which was fine. I grew to be independent and someone who knew how to be happy on her own. When I wasn’t single, that’s when I learned all the terrible traits about me when I’m in a relationship. Sometimes I am jealous, sometimes I am clingy, sometimes I am just too much. It never ended well – for me.

Much to my surprise, the person who I wasn’t even looking for was so close and I was just waiting for my chance to be swept off my feet. It is so cheesy, but it is so true. My person made me realize that I didn’t need to be jealous, it’s okay to be clingy and that I am never too much. It’s been a hard journey to get to our year, and things may not always be good, and we are still working on it everyday, but I am still so proud of us.

So as this is the first anniversary I’ve ever celebrated in life, ever, I was really excited to reach this milestone. I told Shahn I wanted to do something nice and he did not disappoint… He planned out a perfect date day and I was so impressed.

IMG_6521To start off, I had no idea what was going on the entire day. I got dressed and brought a pair of just-in-case booties if I needed to dress up. We were driving for awhile so I figured we were going out of Calgary. My guess was Banff, but instead we took an exit to Canmore… Turns out Shahn booked us a helicopter tour! Although it was short and sweet, I really enjoyed the thrill of being up there and seeing another perspective of mountains that is so familiar to people who live in our city. That day, I didn’t mind the butterflies so much.

After taking our photos, we headed back to Calgary for dinner. Of course, I wasn’t counting on everything to be planned so I still had to pick where. I’ve always wanted to try Brasserie Kensington for dinner and it turned out to be perfect as it was near our night-time activity.


The food there was amazing! I asked for a few suggestions from our server and he was more than helpful, we got Chicken Skin as an appetizer and I went off! It reminded me of Filipino street food, perfectly crispy and so bad for you. For my main, I ended up trying the Bromme Lake Duck Breast. The serving looked quite small, but it was actually very filling. Shahn had the Beef Brisket Burger – also amazing. He mentioned it was on his top five (burgers) and I had no doubts when I tried it. I would also recommend the parm fries, but that’s a biased opinion since I love anything with truffle in it. For dessert, we got their feature which was a Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie. It was great but I found it super rich and it was hard for us to finish one serving of it.

After dinner, his last surprise was Paint Night! It was something we’ve always wanted to go to but never had the chance. Finally, we got to show each other our skills or lack thereof in my part. I could see how it gets pretty frustrating but it was also really fun! Shahn’s was really good and in the end we decided to exchange paintings as a remembrance of our one year.


An unexpected day turned out to be a perfect date day, and I was also so happy that Shahn finally planned something! Our date was a great celebration of our growth as a couple, and I look really forward to our future and many more adventures together!



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