My favorite city with my favorite food!

What to eat in Vancouver… my top 3 spots!


I apologize for not having posted in awhile, but life went from hectic to chill as can be so I’ve really just been enjoying it… and to update ya’ll with my super interesting and not boring at all life (I wish), here’s what’s new with me. First things first, I’m done the semester: Which means I’m […]

Things to do in Bangkok!

Hands down, one of my favorite countries that I visited on my exchange semester was Thailand.  But sadly, I really only got to visit two places in this amazing country due to time and budget constraints, which is why I promised myself I will go back to Thailand one day and hopefully do more. The […]

National Puppy Day!

Answers to: Rukia, Kia, Kiara, Kiwi Age: 5 human years | Breed: Mini Poodle Loves: Car rides, walks, snow/ice, blankets and staring out open windows Hates: Fetch, hair dryers, vacuums and being disturbed while eating/ sleeping Truly the most obedient and smartest poodle I know. Girl would never run out an open door and knows all her tricks (except fetch) from […]

My Penang

This time last year, I would have already spent exactly 1 out of 5 months in Penang, Malaysia. It’s crazy how short that amount of time seems compared to how big of a part it’s played in my life. Every time it’s mentioned at work, my manager interrupts to say I went because I was […]